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Vampires Are Not Exactly Going To Have It Easy At A Bail Hearing

Not all those facing criminal charges are awarded bail. The court might have a very difficult time believing a particular accused felon could be trusted after being released on bail. Lingering concerns about the accused being a potential flight risk or a danger to the public hang like a dark cloud over the defendant. So, for a bloodsucking vampire, securing bail is never going to be easy.

The Seriousness Offenses Associated with Vampirism

Not every vampire commits murder, but the litany of crimes committed to procure blood is serious. Even if the victim survives attempts by the vampire to bite him/her, the night prowler could be charged with attempted murder. At the very least, aggravated assault charges are going to be levied. The severity of these charges automatically means a high bail amount. 

Certain vampires, however, are not necessarily violent.

Now, if the vampire is prone to feed on livestock or break into hospitals and steal vials of blood, bail is likely to be lowered. These are, in essence, animal cruelty and property crimes, but crimes nonetheless.

The Court's Relevant Considerations Towards Granting a Vampire Bail

Courts take relevant considerations into account before contemplating bail. A relevant consideration in this case is that a vampire must have blood in order to survive. At least in jail, transfusions could be ordered. Outside of jail, the vampire would have to be trusted with his/her own ability to procure blood in a manner that does not put the public's safety at risk. 

A lawyer would certainly have to prove a legal source of animal blood is procurable and, as a result, the vampire does not remain a threat to the public. A lawyer has to be very convincing with this argument. If a vampire is deemed a threat, bail could be out of the question. At the very least, the bail amount is going to be significantly high.

Associations are taken into consideration. A werewolf sidekick probably isn't going to help the cause. 

One Positive: Vampires Have Flight Risk Limitations

What a vampire has going for him/her at a bail hearing is that creatures of the night do not make great flight risks. They cannot walk around during the day and have to lug a coffin around with them when they travel. Crossing moving water is not possible and neither is entering a home's threshold without permission.

All of these limitations work in the favor of a vampire at a bail hearing. Courts and bail bonds companies generally smile upon those who pose no flight risk. 

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