Retirement Isn't So Far Off: How To Secure Your Future

Reasons Why Gold Makes A Good Investment

Are you interested in securing your wealth against the future? Are you wondering whether or not now is a good time to buy gold? Here are some reasons why buying gold can be a sound investment:

Gold holds its value: Although the value of gold goes up and down, gold has been a valuable commodity for centuries. Compare this with other potential investments like land or collectible stuffed toys. While stuffed toys may seem like a silly investment now, you may remember that their high value meant that they were considered to be good investments for a time.

One divorcing couple even needed the intervention of a judge in order to divide up their then-valuable collection. If you held land in Detroit or other areas of the country before the real estate collapse, you could have been left with property worth even less than a stuffed toy collection. If you buy gold, you can rest assured that even if the price drops somewhat, it will still be relatively valuable.

Gold is easily dividable: If you invest in real estate, the value may go up but it can be difficult to translate that into real money. If you buy a house that doubles in value, the only way to get your investment back may be to sell the whole house or to get a new mortgage with a potentially higher interest rate.

If you buy gold coins, you don't have to sell them all in order to have available cash. If you only need a little money, you can easily sell just one or two of the coins.

Gold is easy to transfer: The process of buying and selling real estate can be a lengthy one. Even in an exceptional market, a home can take nearly a month to sell, plus the time needed to complete the associated closing paperwork. If you are simply transferring the title, it can take time to determine what sort of taxes may be due upon the transfer.

It will also take time for the new title to be verified and processed by the county. Depending on your county, you could also be required to pay various fees to process the paperwork.

In contrast, when you buy and sell gold, the money is available almost instantly. If you are paid by check or bank transfer, it may of course take a few days for the money to arrive in your bank account. However, this is obviously a much shorter time frame than it would take to receive money from the sale of real estate.

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