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Online Banking Tips To Keep Your Bank Account Secure

Online banking is a convenient way to manage your finances. It lets you check the balance in your accounts, transfer money, and pay your bills online. However, the convenience of online banking is not without risks. If you aren't using online banking safely, it's possible for thieves to hack into your online account to gain access to your money. Follow these online banking tips to keep your bank accounts secure.

Create a Strong Password

If you're like most people, you create passwords that are easy for you to remember. The problem with this is, passwords that are easy for you to remember are also easy for others to guess or hackers to find. In order to keep your bank account secure, you need a strong online banking password. You should choose a password that:

  • Uses both upper and lowercase letters
  • Has at least one number
  • Has at least one symbol

The password you choose shouldn't be something that anyone could relate to you. For example, don't use portions of your birthday, house number, social security number, or phone number in your password. You should also avoid using words that relate to your personal life, such as your street name, kids' names, or favorite sports team. Ideally, you want to create a password that is completely random, yet memorable.

Check Your Accounts Frequently

Monitor your accounts on a regular basis, especially after you've done any type of online shopping. You need to make sure the balance is correct and all of the transactions are transactions that you've made. If you see any abnormalities, report it to your bank immediately. If you don't want to review your online banking several times each week, ask your bank if they send account notifications. Many banks send out emails or text messages confirming each transaction that's made.

Don't Click Through Emails

Yes, your bank probably sends you promotional emails or emails you account updates. That's fine. However, you shouldn't click a link in the email to go to the bank's website and access your account. Even though most of the time the emails that you receive are legit, it's possible for a hacker to create a fake email with a click-through link for the sole purpose of obtaining your password.

The key to keeping your bank accounts secure while banking online is to make it as difficult as possible for hackers to access your account. So, in addition to protecting your computer and ensuring that your Internet access is secured, create a strong password, monitor your accounts regularly, and only log into your online banking account from your bank's website. If you're looking for a bank near you that offers online banking, visit Western Bank.