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Why Bail Bonds Companies Exist Then and Now

Bail bonds companies exist to help people get out of jail, but they exist for other reasons too. Understanding and knowing the basis for why a bail bond company operates where you live is key to understanding these types of businesses overall. Here are the foundation reasons for these companies to exist and operate in your community.

Because Jail Is Not a Nice Place to While Away Your Time

If it was not for the bail bonds companies, a lot of people would be spending time in jail and waiting until their next court hearing. Jail is not a nice place to while away your hours, since most of the people in jail are there for much darker and worse offenses. Bail bonds agents exist to help these folks and their families by extricating (for a fee) those that are stuck in jail. 

Because Imprisoning the Breadwinner Can Cause Major Financial Hardship on Their Family

Back in the 1800s, if the person charged with particular crimes (e.g., being in debt)  went to jail, the whole family went to jail with him. The idea was to keep the family together, even if one member was the wrongdoer and the rest had done no wrong at all. That was a really twisted way of looking at things. Ergo, it worked out well when bail bondsmen came about and offered families a way to stay out of prison while awaiting trial and not have to be punished together by all going to prison as a family unit.

Today, when the breadwinner of the family is the one charged with a crime, it puts a lot of stress and strain and financial hardship on the spouse and children at home. Bail bonds companies exist to help these families out of a very tough situation by offering a more affordable means of getting the family breadwinner out of jail and back to work as soon as possible. 

Because Paying the Full Bail Amount Is Almost Always Impossible for Most People Jailed

A judge can place a bail amount at any legal level he/she chooses. Most of the time, the amount is not something the person jailed can afford, much less any family member or friend can afford to help the jailed person get out of jail until the next hearing. Bail bonds agents offer everyone equal opportunity to get out of jail for ten to twenty percent of the bail amount set by the judge. It may still seem like a lot of money, but it is significantly less than the amount set by the judge. 

If you or a loved one has been arrested, contact a bail bonds company for help.