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How Can You Pay For A Bail Bond Agent's Services?

If you receive a phone call from a friend asking for help getting out of jail, you might want to assist. One way to assist is by offering to pay the bail for the person's release. If you do not have the funds to do this, you can also help by contacting a bail bond agent. A bondsman can help you get your friend out of jail, but you will have to pay a fee. How can you pay this fee? What are your options? If you want to help your friend, here is some information to help you know how this works.

Call a Bail Bond Agent and Ask the Fee Structure

The first thing you might want to do is ask the jail how much the bail is for your friend. Once you know this information, you can contact a bail bond agent. The agent will ask you for your friend's name and location. They will ask about the booking number and the reason for the arrest. They will also want to know how much the bail is for your friend's release. After providing the necessary information, the bail bond agent can explain the fee structure. You should expect to need at least 10% of the bail amount for the fee. Many agents charge higher rates than 10%, though, but you will need this much at a minimum.

Ask the Agent What Types of Collateral You Can Use

If you find out that you do not have enough cash to pay the fee, you can ask about collateral. Most agents accept collateral as payment, but you might need more than you think. Most agents require enough collateral to cover most of the bail cost. If the bail is $1,000, they might charge a cash fee of $100. If you do not have the cash and use collateral instead, you might need $1,000 in collateral.

Gather the Money and Collateral and Sign the Contract

Once you find out the details, you can work on gathering the money and assets. When you have these things ready, you can visit the bail bond agent to offer the items and sign the contract.

Using a bail bond agent for help is the simplest way to get someone out of jail. Are you ready to start the process? If so, contact a bail bond agent today to learn more about the process and your options.