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7 Words You Might Hear From a Bail Bond Professional

Anytime you are bailing somebody out of jail, the process can be a little intimidating. After all, you are introduced to a new process and a lot of new lingo you need to understand.

As you move through the process, you might hear a bail bond professional use specific words. These are some of the words you need to know.

1. Bail Bond

A bail bond is a document that secures the agreement between the bail bond professional and the defendant. The bond allows for the release of the defendant from jail in exchange for a specific percent of the issued bail amount.

2. Defendant

A defendant is the person who has been arrested and is awaiting a criminal trial. The defendant may be subject to pretrial release, which is where a bail bond comes in.

3. Pretrial Release

One of the most important terms you need to know is 'pretrial release.' This refers to the act of getting out of jail via posting bail. When you bail somebody out of jail, they are on pretrial release. Not everybody will be subject to pretrial release.

4. Conditions of Release

Conditions of release refer to the restrictions in place for the defendant while he or she is out on bail. For example, some people are not allowed to drive while they are out on bail, perhaps because of a DUI charge.

5. Bail Schedule

The bail schedule may list the bail for certain offenses. A bail schedule is not always in place everywhere. Sometimes the judge has more freedom to set bail based on a variety of circumstances, including the criminal history of the defendant.

6. Premium

The premium is the cost of bailing out via a bail bonds professional. This is a non-refundable fee and it is typically a percentage of the total cost of bail. In some states, this might be 10 or 15 percent of the cost the judge orders.

7. Indemnitor

The indemnitor is the person who co-signs for a bail bond. This is the person who helps another person bail out, perhaps by paying a fee or by paying all the bail. This person is also responsible for ensuring the defendant makes it to all court hearings.

Don't Be Afraid to Seek Help

You should always feel comfortable speaking with a professional about bailing your loved one out of jail. If you still have questions, speak with a professional about the process today. There is no need to be intimidated.