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How To Make Money By Selling Old Jewelry

When you are looking to make some money by selling old jewelry, it is important to know more about the items you wish to sell. With this information, you can find a suitable buyer for the jewelry you no longer want to keep.

Determine Metal Type

Your first task is to determine what type of metal you are dealing with. Many jewelry pieces have faux finishes or plating, which makes them less valuable to specific buyers. By learning how to identify the different metals, you will have an easier time getting a fair price for each piece.

Gold for example, is easier to identify if you know how to test it. Your first goal is to check for any signs of a stamp, which will usually have the karat rating such as 14k or 18k.

Even if the item does not have a stamp, you can still check the piece by using a strong magnet. Since gold is not magnetic, the item should not stick to the magnet. If the magnet attracts the jewelry, your item is most likely made from a more affordable material and has gold plating.

Silver pieces will sometimes have a stamp as well, though you do have other ways of identifying this metal. One testing option you have is to place a small drop of bleach onto the silver. If it turns black, then you know the item is made with some type of silver. It is important to note that silver plated items will have the same reaction, so further testing may be required, such as buying a chemical testing kit online to help you further identify the metal.

Find Buyers

For high value metals such as gold and silver, your best buyers will be companies that specialize in purchasing precious metals, such as Advance U Cash. These companies properly weigh each piece and they can help you identify karat or purity ratings of your jewelry. With this information, these companies will usually offer a fair price for each item.

In some cases, the gold buyers will not want the gemstones and may be willing to remove them for you. They have the experience required to remove the gems without damaging them. Once you have the loose gemstones, you can then sell the stones online to make a little extra money.

Even if the jewelry is not made from a precious metal, the gold buyers can sometimes help you find suitable buyers. For example, some towns have artisan jewelry makers who are looking for affordable metal pieces for their creations. The gold buyers in your area may know people that will purchase tin, steel, copper and brass jewelry.

Before selling your old jewelry, you need to know what it is made from, so you can find the right buyers. By taking some time, you will be able to find the right company or jewelry maker that will offer you a fair price for your items.