Handling Your Larceny Charge The Best You Can

Even though you have done everything you can to live your life by the books, there is always the chance that you end up slipping up and doing something you shouldn't. Before you know it, you steal something from the retail store near you. Sure, it isn't you, but it happened and now the seriousness of the crime is setting in. You are being charged with larceny and facing some serious consequences for your actions. [Read More]

Identifying High Value Gold Items

With the price of even a single gram of gold hovering around $38, the buying and selling of gold has become big business. Unfortunately, you may not be in possession of large quantities of gold jewelry, coins and bullion that you're willing to part with. That doesn't mean you can't find gold that is worth reselling though, so long as you know how to spot high quality items and turn a profit in the process. [Read More]

Vampires Are Not Exactly Going To Have It Easy At A Bail Hearing

Not all those facing criminal charges are awarded bail. The court might have a very difficult time believing a particular accused felon could be trusted after being released on bail. Lingering concerns about the accused being a potential flight risk or a danger to the public hang like a dark cloud over the defendant. So, for a bloodsucking vampire, securing bail is never going to be easy. The Seriousness Offenses Associated with Vampirism [Read More]